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Flexible, remote positions in the conveyancing industry.

Part-Time Position

Remote Conveyancer

Looking to bring in some extra income this season? Cconvey is seeking an experienced conveyancer to join our team.


  • Work from anywhere, anytime

  • Set your own hours

  • Get paid per file

  • File preparation only, file will be fully opened and ready for you to prepare documents

  • No registrations or post-closing work

  • Employee status with health/dental options

Ideal Qualifications:

  • 3+ Years in the Industry

  • Able to complete a file from start to finish with no supervision

  • This position would be ideal for someone who worked as a conveyancer previously and/or is retired and is looking to supplement their income

Commission Position

Referral Marketing

Cconvey is seeking a marketer to join our team. Set your own hours and receive commission for sales on online courses and web development.

With a flexible schedule, you can set your own hours.


  • Work from anywhere, anytime

  • Set your own hours

  • Payment by etransfer

Ideal Qualifications:

  • Knowledge and/or experience in the real estate and/or conveyancing industry

  • A network of lawyers/notaries/legal assistants in BC

  • A passion for online learning and creating ease for conveyancers in the industry

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